What is UPVC?

UPVC Stands For Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It is Durable, Economical and easy to work with can Be Recycled, Besides, Its Most Attractive feature is that it is Environment friendly. However The Most Important Reason Why This Should be used is because, it is a very good insulator of thermal/Sound Energy.

Advantages of our UPVC Windows and Doors


Sound Insulation design Of Modern Windoor is Inherently Good. It is further enhanced by Fitting Steel Reinforcements and by Option the Appropriate Glass


Modern Windoor UPVC Windows and Door systems can be utilized in marine and ocean Environment without determent to the Surface Finish or performance. All Window Types are Designed to be water tight whatever the condition is.


High Strength window and Door profile made of UPVC & reinforced with Steel Offers the Best Solution to increase safely. Special Fitting and Glazing, Qualified Windows Fabrication and Expert Installation makes the Window worthy of being called “Burglar Proof”


Fire Tests Have Proved that UPVC materials, Being Naturally flame retardant throughout their Product life, they will not Cause, Support or enhance the development of accidental Fire. Unlike timber windows, the UPVC sections do not support combustion and are in Fact Self-Extinguishing. This Quality Prevents the Spread of Fire.


Modern Windoor Owns Material Compound Meet Worldwide Standards for Strength, Durability, Head Stability, Colour retention and termite Resistance. This Fact Provides an Additional Margin of safety to the Quality of the Product during fabrication, Installation and Service.


In Tropical Climates, Wooden Windows and Doors are Often Destroys by termites; Whereas UPVC Windows and Door are Highly Resistant to these Insects. Thanks to the Highly Developed Modern Windoor material Compound of UPVC Windows and Doors, they are termite proof.

Maximum Wind Resistance

Due to our High-quality material properties and gasket technology, Our windows & Doors are ideal for installation in seaside locations and areas with extreme wind exposure, Salty air, strong wind and extreme weathering has no effect on performance.